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Shortly after placing our dinner orders our tables were once again set up beautifully. The flight attendant who looked after me was an Asian lady who was extremely efficient but at the same time friendly and easy to talk to. The hot canapes were first up, then the caviar which we had been looking forward to for quite some time. The salmon and sand crab terrine was alright but not fantastic. The Chardonnay I had with my meals was more than good. The blue eye cod was next and apart from being slightly dry it was perfectly delicious. My partner only had the hot canapes and caviar as he was still feeling full from the previous flight. Dinner service was wrapped up with a hot towel and delicious Godiva chocolates.


Elegant table setup

Caviar, wonderful

Salmon and sand crab terrine

Poached blue eye cod

Chocolates and a hot towel

Basket of goodies

Unfortunately the flight was fairly turbulent for most of the way. It was the worst case of sustained turbulence I had ever been through. Water and wine was spilling out of glasses, and the flight attendants had to return to their seats for half an hour in the middle of the dinner service. As soon as the flight attendants were allowed up again they hopped into action and performed well to keep the dinner service running smoothly.

Amongst the turbulence I headed for a bathroom break. When I returned one of the attendants had made my seat into a bed. At this point it was 3am back in New Zealand so I was very much past being bothered enough to take a photo of the setup. The seat was very comfortable and it’s width was much appreciated. As promised we ended up sleeping without our shirts as the cabin was quite warm. I only managed sleep in one hour blocks owing to the turbulence, but my partner happily slept through the entire thing and even described the turbulence as “soothing”. He has some strange ideas

Another panorama of the suite

When I woke up we had about three hours remaining on the flight. I chucked my shirt on and quickly ordered some breakfast. The same flight attendant was wonderfully attentive and got straight onto preparing my meal. My partner and I went with fruit platter and cheese omelette. Unfortunately the omelette was a bit overcooked and fairly dry, but the vegetables it went with were excellent. The variable and disappointing standard of breakfast (which stood out because the other meals were nearly always solid performers) would turn out to be a pattern with the later flights.

Breakfast fruits

Mature cheese omelette, not so good unfortunately

Presentation of the menu in a lovely folder

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