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After our time on Mongar we drove further east to Trashiyangtse.

On our drive we saw some incredible things along the roadside. There were these enormous spider webs between the trees and bushes at the roadside. Hundreds and hundreds of spiders. I had never seen anything like it. I always thought of spiders as being more solitary. They must all be competing for food pretty hard.

At our stop for lunch I happened upon some of my favorite subjects

Chorten Kora, Trashiyangtse

My driver, Dewas, poses

Our hotel in Trashiyangtse. I really liked it here. The people were very friendly. Lots of little kids waving and saying “hi” which I guess was the extent of their English.

HIV prevention signs like this were all over the place.

The guys decided to wash our car. The Bhutanese seemed oddly interested in washing their cars. Often at the side of the road there would be a hose or water just randomly streaming out of the rock and you’d see motorists or truck drivers stopped to wash their vehicles. Of course the roads are so dusty they would be dirty again five minutes later.

While the guys were washing the car one of the locals stopped to chat. It turned out to be some one that my guide knew who worked at the local school who told him that the next day was the big school sports day there. The school was just down the street. So since our next stop was not too far away we decided to spend the morning there. It was much bigger than the one in Phobjika. And as I mentioned I was invited to join the local government official (mayor or deputy something or other) in the main tent. It’s not the sort of invitation you can turn down.

It was all very well-organized with the teachers and older kids acting as “officials”

In the middle there was a little skit, in English, about the importance of Phys Ed

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