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Tang is a tiny town in a valley about 2 hours’ drive from Jakar. It’s not far distance wise but you have to take a very winding small road up the mountain. And then you have to get out and walk the last little ways. I was never able to adjust to the altitude in Bhutan which made climbing very difficult for me. I was constantly out of breath, sweating profusely and my heart was racing. Apparently it happens to many people of all different fitness levels. But it made the climb, part of the way in mud very hard.

The destination was a manor house on top of a hill that belongs to a family that is close to the monarchy. They have a small guesthouse and a museum. The place is called Ugyen Chholing. There is a large house where the family lives and a smaller two story out building with several small rooms on the upper floor. The lower floor is for storage mostly. My room was tiny with essentially two very narrow cots. I had the only room in the place with an electric heater. It was one of those oil heaters. I much preferred that over a wood stove. It did make things toasty warm. Needless to say the walls and windows aren’t exactly triple insulated.

The weather had been fairly rainy most of my time in Bhutan up until here with the exception of the first day in Thimphu. To add to my woes I had been sick with a cold pretty much since the moment I entered the LH lounge at IAD. I was not a happy camper at this point in the trip. I am not used to roughing it to this degree and the weather really brought me down too. Add in the fact that I didn’t feel a connection with my guide and this was probably the low point in the trip.

We did have a little fun in the afternoon at Tang when another couple of guests arrived. There were Italians and we ended up crossing paths quite a bit for much of the trip. Their guide and mine had gotten out a bow and archery target. Archery is Bhutan’s national sport. The only other time I had ever held a bow was probably 7th grade gym class. But I was surprisingly good at archery.

The next day the sun was out and my mood brightened a bit as well. I spent two nights in Tang. I think it was one night too many. To get to the bathroom I had to go outside to the other wing of the guesthouse. At night that was really cold. And there wasn’t much in the way of hot water.

But here are some photos.

Guesthouse building

Chorten and prayer flags at Ugyen Chholing

Tang Valley

Ugyen Chholing museum

entrance to the compound

friendly cat

path down to the valley

even the cows use the bridge

Tang Chhu (River)

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