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Delta and new DL.com Profiles A Lot About You

I noticed the new DL.com site loads this URL https://www.delta.com/databroker/bcdata.action which returns some data about you as a user when you're logged in.

The data is really interesting - they are pushing a LOT of personal data through in a very transparent/un-obfuscated format.

My semi-sanitized data in a web format called json is below - emphasis added in bold by me
"custValSeg":"1", - wonder about this value - is 1 high or low?
"isPwmElig":"Y", - any ideas??
"mindsetSeg":"FL", - wonder about this one
"mosaicCd":"F22", - wonder about this too
"skyClubMMSts":"", - million miller status
"smAmexCntrnInd":"N", - ??? any ideas?
"smSunTrstInd":"N", - interesting that this is a new focus

I'm sure that the purpose of putting this on the new site was to allow it to target ads/promos on the site to you using the features of the Adobe Day CMS that they switched to recently. That's all fine and good. It looks like they have just about every facet of their customer touch points described in their user profile except for "gateLice:true" or "boardsOutOfZone:true"

The ones that I'm really curious about are:
  • "custValSeg":"1" - I'm curious to know what you real high spending folks have here - hopefully not double digits so I don't feel too bad. I'm a PM and I spent a bit under 10K on Delta last year though more than 2x that across all airlines.
  • "mindsetSeg":"FL" - I wonder what FL means? At least it doesn't say FO! What do you all have?
  • "mosaicCd":"F22" - also interesting - would like to know what you all have
  • "incomeAmt":"$$$", - this was a surprisingly accurate 3 digit number representing my year income (when multiplied by $1000). Must come from AX?
  • "homeValueAmt":"$$$$$$", - my current house value estimate from zillow.com - mostly I think home value is an interesting metric for profiling airline ticket buyers - it seems less important especially when you know their income already. maybe if I had 7 digits they would hit me with Delta Private Jets harder
  • "discSpndngAmt":"$$$$$", - this is interesting - I'm not sure what they are basing this discretionary spending off of, but it was an interesting number to say the least.
So all this profiling is the new normal, but what is interesting to me are what these special codes mean for customer value, mindset, and mosaic, etc.

It makes me think of the AA "3 Eagle" customer rating stuff but a lot more fine grained.

Anyone have #'s they want to share or additional detailed insight?

Also, I should add you can get this data with Firebug for Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE9 by loading the mileage activity page and inspecting the network traffic from your browser.
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