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I'd also add that it would be interesting to see the numbers reconciled against the numbers of takeoffs and landings. I bet SkyWest is VERY safe when you take that into the mix, considering every SkyWest flight I ever take is two hours or less...
They are very safe. The JACDEC data is completely false in just about every aspect of airline safety. What I see are two guys morbidly obsessed with airplane crashes who really have nothing better to do then put out misleading information to sell their book. Korean Air is also a concern. It looks like they reference accidents from the 80s when a Captain at Korean Air was the absolute authority. The other pilots were not allowed to question his decisions which ultimately lead to a crash as they 747 strayed into Russian airspace and was shot down. Since then, Korean is probably one of the safest airlines in the World. In the early 90s they finally corrected their cockpit communications by hiring U.S pilots to implement a form of CRM (crew resource management) The other Korean air incident was a bomb.
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