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Galleries First (Flounge) LHR: Dining menu and food options 2013

Galleries First (Flounge) LHR: Dining menu and food options from 30 October 2013

BaxterStorey has been awarded the contract to supply catering to London and most UK domestic lounges. From 2 May 2013 their new menu was rolled out and then updated on 30 October. You can see photos of the current offering in post number 78 or by clicking here. [Squared parenthesis denotes my comments]

Flounge Menu LHR: Entered service 13 March 2014

hat tip to haasha for doing the typing.


Please help yourself
For your convenience, there is a self-service buffet available for breakfast, including freshly grilled bacon, free range scrambled eggs, Dingley Dell pork sausages, black pudding, hash browns, grilled tomatoes, hash browns, and farmhouse toast. [Not mentioned but always on offer: mushrooms].

Brought to your table

Please order via one of our lounge hosts:

Traditional porridge oats served with honey and cinnamon, or sultanas and brown sugar.

Cured kippers served with poached egg

Great British breakfast sandwich with grilled back bacon and fried egg on a toasted wholemeal bloomer

Boiled egg with toasted toasted soldiers

Eggs benedict (actually only one egg).

(note that nothing is marked as vegetarian, but I guess the boiled egg and porridge must be).
Note that you can swap items around a bit, so it's OK to ask for kippers and fried eggs, for example.

Rest of the Day
Noon to close

Brought to your table
Please order via one of our lounge hosts

Soup of the day (v)
Please ask your hosts for today's choice

A warm sandwich of British back bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayo served with lightly-salted kettle chips

Smoked salmon
A deli plate of Severn & Wye smoked salmon, cream cheese, salad leaves and granary bread

BA burger
Made with Birchstead mature 21 day aged beef in a glazed bun with twice-cooked chips. Ask your host if you would like the addition of crispy back bacon or Emmental cheese

Chicken ramen
A Japanese-inspired soup with chicken, chillies, water chestnuts and fresh coriander in a warming chicken broth

Caesar salad
Baby gem leaves with Parmigiano-Reggiano, croûtons and a creamy Caesar dressing. Ask you host if you would like the addition of a smoked chicken breast

Macaroni cheese (v)
Pasta with a rich Red Leicester, British Cheddar and English mustard sauce galzed with a fresh herb crust


Burnt Cambridge Cream
A baked silky vanilla custard originating in Trinity College, Cambridge in Cheese the 1600s, our version is finished with lavender sugar

Treacle tart
A traditional English treat served with warn Cornish ice cream

Somerset Camembert, coastal Cheddar and Shropshire Blue with apple and Somerset cider brandy chutney and Bath Oliver biscuits
My experience is that the precise selection of cheeses will alter somewhat, and some may come from somewhere which hasn't been British for quite a while, but it's all good, however frankly you may as well serve yourself from the buffet. Note you may find apple chutney on the hot buffet table end.

Buffet items - serve yourself

For your convenience, there is a self-service buffet available, including a selection of fresh salads, hot dishes and indulgent treats

Salad Bar

Poached salmon slices
Chargrilled salad chicken slices
Ruby coleslaw
Five bean salad
Potato and spring onion salad
"Fruited rice with sultana" [CWS made up title, there's no label]
Beetroot and carrot and pumpkin seed salad
Morroccan bulgar wheat and chickpea salad
Mixed leaves
Grated cheddar cheese
Self serve hot buffet bar

Wild mushroom risotto (v)

Thai green chicken curry

Pork and leek sausages with candied onion

Steak and ale pies (individual mini pies)

Aubergine, spinach and sweet potato dopiaza (v) (curry).

Vegetable rice (hot rice with peas and beans) (v)

Cabbage, leeks and peas (v)

Mashed potatoes

Parmentier potatoes

Steamed rice

accompaniements: nan bread, bread rolls, apple chutney, red chilli sauce
Self serve desserts
Key lime pie
Baked Sicilian lemon cheesecake
Flourless Chocolate Torte
Self serve sandwiches [new flavours]
These are on a two week rotation, this is one of the two.

Chicken and rocket
Freshly poached salmon and dill mayonnaise
Free range egg and sunblushed tomato
British smoked ham, caramelised onion confit and watercress

Now available from 14:30 until approx 18 hrs.
Scones with Roddas clotted cream and jam
Fruit loaf
Carrot cake
Madeira cake
Red Velvet cake
Toffee cake slice
Victoria sponge cake
Hot drinks
Bean to cup coffee, premium tea selection and hot chocolate

The refreshers
Fresh squeezes of the day, mineral waters and soft drinks

Grazing options
Other food available in the lounge, in no particular order: lightly salted kettle chips, nibble jars (e.g. savoury mix, wasabi beans), Island Bakery Organics biscuits (again in Avery jars), sliced meats and salamis (chorizo, Wiltshire Honey Roast ham, Salami Napoli), cheese and cheese biscuits. In the morning there is a cereal range, Weetabix, stewed and dried fruit, bread rolls. Sandwiches are also available from lunchtime onwards.

Photographs are in several postings below, notably posts number 78, 88 and 107.

Breakfast changes from Oct 2013: new menu cards but only small changes (extra porridge option). Lunch and supper options have been somewhat de-glooped, the curry is quite lumpy with vegetables, so it's just the chilli con carne, which has had some recipe changes. See above wiki for links for other lounges. There is a well developed thread for 2012 which you can find here, it has many photos and reviews in it:
Galleries First (Flounge): Dining menu and food options

Posting update
16 Jan 2013 - Original post, first new menu of 2013
12 March 2013 - note about beef supply issues.
2 May 2013 - updated with the new BaxterStorey menu. [URL=""]The previous menu can be found in this post
5 May 2013 - minor corrections
7 May 2013 - photo information.
29 May 2013 - updates
2 June 2013 - cake and other updates /corrections.
24 June 2013 - menu updated for ribs
24 July 2013 - Eggs benedict now in Flounge
1 Nov 2013 - New menu from 30 October
12 Nov 2013 - Minor corrections and updates
14 Nov 2013 - New main dish rotations
13 Mar 2014 - New Summer 2014 menu
14 Mar 2014 - Buffet update

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