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Twin seats and exit row seats

Twin seats
Twin seats are available on long-haul flights, in World Traveller at the rear of 747 and 777 aircraft and on the upper deck of the the A380 where you can sit next to just your travel companion. Seat pairs located at the very front of the cabin are priced as exit row seats.

Exit row seats
Premier or Gold Executive Club cardholders (and oneworld equivalents) are eligible to request exit row seating for themselves and any companion(s) without charge at the time of booking whether they are in the same booking or on a separate booking. However, for companions who aren't on the same booking, the TCP and seating request has to be done by phone.

All other customers (including Silver and Bronze Executive Club card holders and oneworld equivalents) wishing to request an exit seat in World Traveller or World Traveller Plus can pay for an exit row seat from 14 days until 4 days before their flight, subject to availability. On short-haul, exit row seat assignments are free to oneworld Sapphire members from time of booking and from 7 days prior to departure for oneworld Ruby members.

Exit row seats are situated either next to or immediately behind the emergency exit door. In the unlikely event of an evacuation customers will be expected to assist in the opening of the emergency door.

CAA Requirements for sitting in exit rows
In accordance with CAA requirements, the following categories of customers cannot be allocated an exit seat.
  • Customers who are either substantially blind or substantially deaf, to the extent that they might not readily assimilate printed or verbal instructions given.
  • Customers who are unable to understand and carry out instructions given in English.
  • Customers who are unable to reach, open, lift and throw out the exit door in an emergency.
  • Customers who because of physical stature, age or sickness have difficulty in moving quickly.
  • Children under 12 (whether accompanied or not) and infants.
  • Customers who are travelling with anyone who would require their assistance in the event of an emergency.
  • Customers travelling during pregnancy.

When requesting an exit seat you will be asked to verify eligibility.

British Airways has the sole discretion to determine whether a customer meets the requirements to sit in an exit seat. If the customer does not meet the requirements, they will be assigned an alternative seat. The additional amount paid for an exit seat will be forfeited and will not be refunded.

If after the date of requesting an exit seat customers become unable to fulfil the requirements to sit in an emergency exit seat then they should contact British Airways. They will be eligible to apply for a refund if they contact British Airways at least 48 hours before their flight.

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