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I've been playing the Jewels Verne slots on auto, just having to jump in when it's time do find hidden objects. We only have 1 night in Vegas in Aug on a Saturday in transit to elsewhere so doesn't look like we can get a free room. I'd be happy for a pair of show tickets and some free food.

I wish someone would make a similar game for free luaus in Hawaii!

What's involved in picking up the show tickets? They say you have to do it by 4pm. If our flight is on time, won't be a problem but we are on Copa from Panama and if the flight is late we would be late picking up the tickets.
I personally hate the jewels verne game. It takes too much effort for the bonuses. The easiest game to play is probably Studio City. Just let it run until the bonuses hit, then take 10 seconds to choose it, then repeat.
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