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Originally Posted by docbert View Post
When filling out an Incoming Passenger Form last week to enter Australia I noticed that none of the questions actually asked if I was carrying "Food" as it did previously, but only certain types of food.

I asked about this at immigration the officer said "question 6", but when I shows him that it no longer said food even he was surprised! The form is dated 11/12 so I'm guessing it's only a new change.

The questions now ask if you have :

6. Meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, fruit, vegetables?
7. Grains, seeds, bulbs, straw, nuts, plants, parts of plants, traditional medicines or herbs, wooden articles?
8. Animals, parts of animals, animal products including equipment, pet food, eggs, biologicals, specimens, birds, fish, insects, shells, bee products?

Previously question 6 was "Any food - includes dried, fresh, preserved, cooked, uncooked?"

Thus it seems if you just have generic food that is not one of the categories listed (including things like chocolate/candy/etc, biscuits, etc) then there should be no need to declare them.

There's a sample of the new form here.
Given pretty much anything you buy...even manufacturered would have an item from number 6, you would be lying if you didn't declare something and were bringing in food. For example chocolate may have seeds ( fruit and nut) and will also contain dairy.

Now I know strictly speaking its all cooked and would be okay...but as I have been told before. Declare it...it is 'their' job to decide if its okay...not mine.
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