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NZ2 Dec 18th 2012 LAX - LHR 77W

Day/Night flight
Overnight flight

Cabin / Seat No. (aisle / window / middle)
Forward BP cabin, left side seat 4A (window-ish)

Seat comfort (width ok?)
Same complaints as before, but this time with seat jamming too - fixed by leaning forward while holding the button down

Fine as the seat is fixed

Ease of getting in and out
No problems in the lighted cabin but once dimmed hard to navigate - by me and by clumsy crew

Awful. Cold vegetable starter, main of mushroom ravioli was acceptable, desert of fruit plate returned without a replacement. Breakfast waffles took too long to serve (~10m after main serving for others) and wrong item delivered before rectified

Didn't drink on this flight though the FA announced a full selection being available. Champagne was offered (but declined - Mumm, for goodness sake) on the departure

FA attentiveness
No visible concierge. Male crew with one female junior FA, moved as if they were waiters at the Ritz but without any of the charisma or savvy. Poor at collecting empty glasses, borderline rude at times especially toward the end of flight - survey has been submitted with observations

Same as outbound, film selections still top notch

Would you do it again?
No. Price competition is stable on this route and the soft product failed to deliver this time - next flight will be VA or BA

Other thoughts?
Unable to sleep as two FAs seemed to be having a door-slamming competition in the galley, possibly some variation on a memory game as they repeatedly opened and slammed the same cabinets looking for something. Female FAs moving through seem to have taken poise classes from the Bride of Frankenstein. I can tolerate pax with the usual coughing/belly-laughing/parping but crew should know better than to disturb a sleeper cabin
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