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Be one of the first 30 members to show up for the Do and you will be able to say, "Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt."

Yes! Thirty of these t-shirts, all white and all size XL, will be given out -- and, as will make the heart of any true FTer flutter, they will be absolutely free!

Rules: No t-shirt will be given to anyone except scoow, Canarsie, DLRoads and myself before 1 pm. Then they will be handed out on a first-come, first-serve, basis until they are all gone.

Why does scoow get one before-hand? Because I needed to have a U.S. address to ship them to, and although she won't know it until she reads this post, I chose hers. She will have to bring them to New York.

Why does Canarsie get one before-hand? Because he will be on the same flight as scoow and if she doesn't hand him one immediately, there is liable to one of those air rage incidents which causes the captain to abort the take off.

Why does DLRoads get one reserved for him? Because he was the person who gave me my Kryptonium Medallion card.

Why do I get one before-hand? Because I paid for the blasted things!!! But don't worry, mine will not be one of the 30. Like any other FTer, I am a DYKWIA and thus ordered an extra one for myself in black, just to be different.

(Please note that the bottom of the t-shirt has a notation that the wearer is a "Delta Lifetime Kryptonium Medallion Member". For those of you who do not follow the Delta Forum, see this thread for an explanation.)

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