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Thanks everyone for responses. I got my points this morning and ticketed my reservation. See below:

FYI: wcj, this was the first time I've ever transferred points from UR and the transfers were only from to my wife's MP account and my MP account.

FYI: Amolkold, the MP number was correct.

Resolution: I called UAL and got a very helpful agent who conferenced in, rather than transferred me, a very helpful agent at CSP...what are the odds of that happening again!?! The UAL agent confirmed with the CSP agent that the points were not received and after the CSP agent understood that I had a reservation on hold and couldn't wait 7-10 days for resolution, took my phone number and called me back an hour later explaining that she would personally handle it and call me today. When I got up this morning, my points were at UAL and I ticketed my reservation. When she called this morning she said that she had her boss "pull some strings" and get it done. She said that this is the first time this has happened and they're continuing to investigate what happened to prevent it from happening to anyone again. She also said that their system flags accounts when there are three transfers in one day as possible fraud, we'd made three transfers, two to my account and one to my wife's account. But that doesn't add up because it was the second transfer that was screwed up, not the third.
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