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Originally Posted by BillyBaloney View Post
Usually I call the day before. Just for the heck of it, I decided to try it the old way. I exchanged 4 A+ credits for a voucher.

The problem I am having is that the valid "voucher" shows up in Airtran's system when I call them. But it does not show up for me on the Airtran website.

Under the page entitled "Book Reward Flights" which is under "My Rewards" page, there is a small box in the upper right hand corner. The box has my name, A+ number, and then it shows "available A+ credits," under that is "Coach Vouchers," and below that is "Business Class Vouchers". It is showing the business class vouchers as 0 (zero). But it should show 1.

What am I missing? When I email them they respond back as if I'm talking about a used voucher (past flight). I can't seem to get through to them what I am asking.

Any information will be appreciated.
For all of those, who like me, could not find valid upgrade vouchers in their account on the FL website, I finally figured out where they are hiding.

Log into your A+ Rewards account, click on "account activity," then on the blue "redemptions" link toward the top of the statement. You will be able to view the vouchers, including issue and expiration dates and voucher numbers.

It's probably been there all along - just not in a real obvious location.
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