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Originally Posted by LufthansaGermanAirlines View Post
Our customers have shown us that they prefer to give online feedback. This is quicker, easier and also environmentally friendlier...
I don't want to appear like a troublemaker, but I'm troubled by this answer. It's about the same level as the explanation of why the 10% (I believe) discount vouchers for US status members have been discontinued: "the customers have told us that they prefer not to receive them". In other words: the explanation is just a smokescreen of marketing blabla.

My advice to you, if you want to be taken seriously on this board, would be to refrain from using this kind of marketing blabla. It's offensive to anyone still using his or her brain. I know that your print media (Exclusive Magazine etc) are full of this kind of language, but people who see through this have been offended for years. The difference here is that they can talk back.

So I would like to offer a translation of your explanation: "Many customers prefer to give online feedback. Since LH can save a lot of money by not providing feedback forms on board, we have discountinued this option."

I admit, there may also be a number of other reasons, e.g.:

- Customers tend to be very emotional if they write a feedback directly after an incident -- having to go online first will allow them to cool down
- Feedback forms may "get lost" if handed to crew that feels they could be negatively affected by the feedback given.
- Handwriting is often difficult to read.
- Copying the handwritten feedback forms into the computer system is timel and costly.

Simply "blaming" customer for the fact that paper feedback forms are not longer available is just not right.

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