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Originally Posted by Sorthum View Post
USAA is probably the only company mentioned here that's actually responsive in a meaningful way to customer feedback. The few issues I've had with them over the years have always been addressed in a very human way.
USAA was far better (and cheaper) before they expanded eligibility. Now they're the same as any other company imho.

Originally Posted by emptiness View Post
I pay $307 for 6 month with geico, 20$to $40k bodily injury, uninsured coverage, property damage 20k, got road hazard included, $250 comprehensive deductible, $1k collision deductible !

switch to another like geico or national wide or etc!
Choose PLEASURE when it asks what you use it for
enter 0-5K annually mileage driven

People think they're clever by cheating their insurance company. It works until it doesn't. And it doesn't when there's substantial claim, e.g. personal injury. Their experts will investigate, and determine that you lied on your application and your coverage will suddenly be zip, zilch, nada. And you'll deserve every bit of it.
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