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Originally Posted by chemist661 View Post
Bottom line: My low insurance credit score is not relevant because I had very few claims. I'm glad that California doesn't allow insurance companies to use credit scores to determine insurance rates. California passed a proposition that where a person lives can not determine auto insurance rates. Mine auto/homeowners rates stayed low throughout the years because of other factors that seem more relevant than using credit score, etc.
Not to be an apologist for the insurance companies, but they do not set rates on anecdotal stories of good drivers.

Younger drivers pay more. I never had a speeding ticket / claim in my first 10 years of driving. Does this mean the data showing young drivers are a bigger risk is wrong? Of course not.

Insurance companies rate people with what they measure as bad credit because that group of people has shown to be more expensive to insure, just like young men.

California passing legislation to limit what can be measured in determining insurance rates means one group will pay less at the expense of the other group that will pay more , the second group being less likely to make claims.
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