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Global Entry Denial Recourse

OK, my Global Entry application was denied and I do not know what to do -- any and all help is greatly appreciated!

I applied and received a denial letter stating I violated CBP laws on April 4, 1976. The violation - Failure to declare merchandise. Yes, I said 1976! It took awhile to remember much from 1976, but the story behind my "failure" is even more amusing than USCBP denying my application over a single non-issue that occurred 36 year ago...

While in college, I drove to Canada with a friend to go shopping. I actually did that quite frequently. But my April 4th trip was quite different than the others. Being the Type-A personallity I am, I made a shopping list - which included purchasing a pair of jeans with a brand name "Hash." My list said buy hash jeans. (google it - they were quite popular in the 70s...) Upon driving back into the states, I stopped at border control and went inside to declare my purchases (jeans, shoes, and other items). While I was inside, a border agent apparently checked out my new car, finding my shopping list on my console. Within moments of his disccovery, all hell broke loose at the station -- I had to undergo a search and interrogation and my car was completely ripped apart. It was only after a couple of hours and two hysterically crying coeds that I was allowed to call my father, who after hearing my weeping voice, demanded to speak with the agent-in-charge.

To make a long and very painful story short, still speaking with my father, the agent-in-charge asked to see the jeans I purchased that day. I handed my bag to him and he saw the brand name on the jeans was, in fact, Hash. He ended the call with my father, apologized for the misunderstanding, and told me I could leave. Another agent helped me gather up my car parts and they sent me on my way.

Apparently, when the border agent found my shopping list, he thought it was a code -- he actually thought I was smuggling drugs across the border.

I completely wiped that awful experience from my mind until today... It was 36 years ago - my father has since passed away, I haven't spoken with my shopping buddy since graduating, the jeans are long gone too, and I have absolutely no other records from that horrific encounter. So now what do I do?

The strangest thing - I travel overseas every month on business - I have been on many vacations abroad as well and I have NEVER had an issue at customs - ever. I could just skip Global Entry, I suppose, but I travel too much not to have it. But most of all, I never, ever violated any CB laws - ever and I do not want my perfect record tarnished in any way.

anyone have any ideas?

btw - sorry for the long post, but the details are important.
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