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I have always held the view that in Canada, politics is the equivilent of the entertainment industry [in the US], and thus most of our celebrities tend to be politicians. We see them every night on the news, their pictures dominate the pages of our newspapers. We have very few celeb magazines as they do in the US. So it is only natural to take this view.

And anyhow, we all know that home bred celebrities who earn their livings in Canada cannot afford to fly in the front cabin, and most of us upgrade so eschew the back. But I did ride in the back one time to Winnipeg from Edmonton many years back and sat next to kd lang. In those days, very few people knew who this "odd" looking person was, though I had been to a few of her local shows around Edmonton and we chatted about everything except beef. And I did post my near-death experience with Jane Sibbery at LGA.

Recall a conversation in the old Empress Club at YEG with Rebecca Jenkins, just after she had done her audition for Ann Wheeler's "Bye Bye Blues". And Peter Gzowski and I were often confused for one another by EC receptionists until they looked at my boarding card. [Well, I with Peter, not sure about he with me.]

And then there was the morning spent with Jan Arden and her group waiting for a flight to YYZ in the North Empress Club at YYC. Talk about comedy routines!

Back on the political track, Preston was a regular siting in that same EC through the 90s.

But returning to celebs, now that I live in Toronto I see just about all of them out on the street, either on film shoots or just walking about. Recall chatting with Don McKeller the morning I was heading for Richard Branson's press conference at Harbourfront.
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