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Thanks jib71^

1: Yeah I've heard that too, I can't believe that customs hasn't run into tons of tourists who didn't realize their medications were illegal. If this was anything lower like codeine I wouldn't even be questioning this, but Adderall is a a special kind of medication that is much more serious. I hope if they find mine they just throw it away, besides if I don't actually get it through customs its not really smuggling, and if they can't prove I intended to smuggle it... but this is also Japan so doesn't really matter.

2. Wow, that case! 41,120 pills of ecstasy and 992.5 grams of cocaine?!?! And he tried to say the bag was not his. The case does certainly worry me, but with that much drugs I would kinda expect that.

Yeah, I actually pretty much just said no to the idea of taking them with me when I learned they are illegal, but my own mother convinced me I should do it and she actually works at an airport hahaha
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