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Japan Narita Customs - Importing prescription medication on prohibited list

Hello, let me start off by saying that I know what I would like to do is illegal, but please don't respond with moral criticism, I am asking a legitimate question and would really only like legitimate answers.

So a couple months ago I got diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed Adderall, which has been a godsend for me, my life has improved dramatically. In a couple months I am going to Japan for a year and would like to take it with me, however it's illegal. I am coming in through Narita, and after that will take a domestic flight between Haneda and Sapporo (New Chitose). Really I am only worried about customs at Narita.

I am not going to try and smuggle them, I am bringing a 3 month supply in the prescription bottle with the label as well as a signed letter from my doctor. Should I put these in my carry-on (a backpack) or checked luggage?
My plan was to just put them in either bag and not declare them on customs forms and generally hope that no one decides to go through my bag. The customs form does not ask about prescription medication, it lists as prohibited articles: Narcotic drugs, stimulants, marijuana, psychotropic substances, MDMA etc. . My ideal scenario is that I don't declare anything and they wave me through customs. I have gone through Narita customs once and Osaka customs once and both times customs was a breeze. I have heard that they do random bag checks, but I have never seen this happen.

Generally I believe I have a good chance of making it through. I have never had my bags checked (although I don't know if they check checked luggage) nor have I had any special questioning, I am a young white male, but I don't think I look suspicious. Also, as I have to receive my resident card right when I get there (I already have my Visa), I will go to a separate line than citizens/foreigners, where they will have to process some paperwork, which could provide a good distraction from inspecting my bags.

What my question really is then is what if they do decide to go through my bag and find the Adderall? I have heard some pretty dark stories about Narita Customs if they catch you doing something illegal. If they find it I am just going to plead ignorance + show them its a legal prescription so they know I'm not a smuggler. I hope that if this happens they will just confiscate the Adderall and let me go, but I am worried that even if I plead ignorance they will arrest me or send me home with no chance of coming back.

So yeah, let me know if this is possible, if I can get pretty reassured that even if they do catch it they will let me go, I am going to try this, but if I am not sure that getting caught won't lead to prison, I won't try to do this. Thanks!
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