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Using your companion vouchers

There are a number of BA affiliate credit cards that give BAEC members an opportunity to earn a companion voucher. For more information on what card issuers offer this benefit and how to go about earning a voucher, see Credit card partners. The concept behind the voucher is simple. You the cardholder may book a redemption ticket, paid for in Avios and you take a travelling companion along with you. The usual taxes, fees, and surcharges apply to both passengers unfortunately, which are paid for by the card holder.

01 Standard conditions:

  • The voucher is valid for travel on BA operated flights with BA prefix only
  • Valid towards return flights only, with the journey originating from and returning to your country of membership (with the exception of vouchers issued in the UK which may also be used for one way travel)
  • Taxes, fees and surcharges do apply to the companion as well as the travelling card holder. The card holder will pay the cash supplement assessed for him/herself and all others in the booking, using the credit card associated with the voucher.
  • Combining two vouchers with a single booking is permitted. This allows the travelling card holder to take three travel companions. A maximum of two vouchers can be used towards any single booking.
  • The cardholder can travel without the companion. However, the companion cannot travel without the cardholder.
  • The cardholder cannot cancel the companion's ticket to get your companion voucher back and still fly. In order to get the voucher back, the whole booking must be cancelled and re-book for yourself, provided there is redemption availability.
  • Cancelling a redemption booking does not guarantee the seat(s) will be released back into the award inventory.
  • If the booking is cancelled before 24 hours of the first flight, the Avios, taxes, and fees will be refunded, plus the companion voucher. Generally the voucher and Avois will be refunded quite quickly, with the monetary components taking a few more days to process. A cancellation fee will apply unless you are a BAEC Gold card holder.

02 Additional benefits (UK BA Amex Premium Plus)

  • The voucher can be used for one way itineraries
  • Vouchers are valid for two years instead of the usual one

03 Additional benefits (US Chase British Airways Visa Signature)

  • Vouchers are valid for two years instead of the usual one

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