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Reward Flight Saver

The Reward Flight Saver (RFS) was introduced in November 2011 and has since transformed the short haul redemption game. Previously, short haul redemptions were subject to the usual high taxes, fees and surcharges and the RFS replaces the variable (and invariably expensive) cash supplement with a much more affordable fixed price supplement.

Available across BA's short haul network, these redemptions are subject to availability of the usual redemption classes. The scope also extends beyond the confines of Europe to include South Africa, by virtue of BA franchise carrier, Comair's network.

At present BAEC members cannot redeem Avios for Iberia Express (I2) or Vueling (YV) flights. However, flights on IB may be booked as standard redemptions.

For your redemption to qualify as a RFS, all flights in your itinerary must be either BA and also less than 2,000 miles in distance. If your itinerary includes a short haul Air Berlin flight as well as BA flight, this does not qualify as a RFS and so the higher, variable set of taxes/fees/surcharges will be assessed against this redemption ticket. Similarly, if your ticket includes one or more long haul flights (zone 3+), the entire ticket reverts to a standard redemption and is priced accordingly.

Several fifth freedom flights operated by BA also qualify as RFS. The qualifying factor being the sector distance is less than 2,000 miles. The fifth freedom allows an airline to sell tickets for travel between foreign countries, as a part of a route connecting to the airline's own country. Bahrain to Doha is a classic example, as are a number of BA services that operate between Caribbean countries beyond London.

It is also worth bearing in mind one additional point of qualification. You need to have earned at least 1 Avios point in the 12 months prior to booking to be eligible for the RFS option.

The maps below provide a small sample of cities within reach of LHR and JNB and their relative distance bands from each origin.

Zonal map - Origin London

Zonal map - Origin Johannesburg

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