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The problem I see here is that there are, literally, millions of survivors who have terrible stories and who may react to seemingly minor triggers.
I have to say, I still fail to understand how anyone could classify strangers pressuring you to let them rub their hands on your sexual parts as a "minor trigger". I even know people personally who will tell me forcing sexual contact on someone through their clothing is no big deal, but as long as I live I will never comprehend that statement at all. Who you choose to allow to touch your sex organs isn't a big deal? On what planet?

Originally Posted by peachfront View Post
The backscatter devices are worthless junk, I think we can all agree on that. They find the rubber band in my ponytail on virtually every trip -- something anyone with eyes in their head could have found without a million dollar machine. I think they should be removed, and the money wasted on them returned to the taxpayer for better funding/better training of live TSA agents. But I don't think this (which won't happen anyway) would help your wife. She was not assaulted by equipment, she was assaulted by people, and that I suspect is the real trigger.
She would not have been patted down if she'd gone through a metal detector. In her case, yes, it was the fault of the body scanner that she was physically assaulted. Without the body scanners under current TSA practices, most but not all of the physical contact between screeners and passengers would go away.
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