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I am appalled and outraged to hear about how the TSA assaulted and harmed your wife. Please convey my sincere concern to her. I want to reassure her that what happened at the checkpoint that day was absolutely not her fault and that her reaction was perfectly normal and understandable. The thugs who attacked her at FLL are immoral and violent sociopaths, indifferent to human suffering, as you witnessed.

I am also dealing with PTSD after the TSA sexually assaulted me, and I have had very similar experiences at various airports. I never checked in to a hospital, but I have certainly spent countless hours crying myself sick after these rapists in blue shirts attacked me.

I will never, ever allow them to touch me again. This means that if the TSA ever threatens to come near my body, I will refuse screening and demand that the police escort me out of the checkpoint. I have done this successfully before - the story is at and

The answer to your question is, no, the TSA doesn't consider the impact of its assaults on rape victims or people sufferering with PTSD. The TSA doesn't care that your wife ended up in the hospital after they abused her. I called the "TSA Cares" helpline to tell them I'd been sexually assaulted and needed to know for certain whether they intended to touch my genitals in a patdown, and the answer was this: "I can't tell you where they will touch you. They'll tell you at the airport as they are doing it. Once you're there, you can't say no and you can't leave. You'll have to let them do it." Shocking, isn't it?

All I can recommend is what has worked fairly well for me - avoid checkpoints with body scanners. You can get an idea of what's where by visiting
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