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Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post

actual HOTEL discussion is in luxury hotels forum

so there are TWO existing forums, and again, there is no difference, its like having hotel forums being broken down by brand - that hasnt been done on FT - only like that with airlines that have merged
RC property discussions currently reside in both the Marriott & Luxury hotel forums.

Property comparison discussions (such as how does RC XX compare to Four Seasons XX or Aman XX) reside in the Luxury hotel forum.

If I understand the OP correctly, he would like to see RC get its own forum because RC has a rewards program, CC tie-ins, etc, and see discussions re: those & properties (not comparison threads) go in to a separate RC forum.

That might make sense (or not), just as it might make sense (or not) to have RC become a sub-forum of Marriott since the rewards program is basically the same w/ 2 different front ends, or it might make sense to just change the Marriott forum title to incorporate RC (or not).

There are 3 possible items for TB to consider, based on this thread & the other changing the forum title thread.

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