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Food in Bora Bora

Originally Posted by TheBeerHunter View Post
I am RA and when we stayed 2+ years ago, we were totally willing to stay in a Coral Suite based on posts about it. Can you confirm the suite includes a full kitchen, etc? Do you have any pictures?
Your statement sounds exactly as my wife's. After she saw the video of the room, she was happy to stay in the Coral suite. The main reason she would have liked to stay in the Coral is because of the kitchen. When we first planned this trip, we had to figure out a way to make it affordable. The best way to do this was to stay in the coral suite for the kitchen.

I contacted the hotel and asked if those rooms had a kitchen. I was told yes but they didn't have any utensils in the kitchen. I asked for specifics and they said they don't carry anything in the kitchen. So we decided to pay for the extra luggage on the Tahiti domestic flight. The $100 we spent on extra luggage for one of our fares went from 44 lbs. to 110 lbs.

As time got closer, I decided that I wasn't ok with staying in the Coral suite. I wanted to stay in the OWB. So here is what we did. We purchased an electric burner from Best Buy. We brought the burner, pans, cups, silverware, drink packets, a voltage converter, and 50 lbs of food. We purchased box meals, chips, canned chicken/ham, peanut butter, jelly, tortillas, english muffins, mac/cheese, rice packets, turkey sausage links, soup, hot sauce, vegetarian food, protein powder, and other various items to be able to eat on the cheap while we there. We ended up eating in for every meal except three while being there a week. (Honey is not allowed) We did purchase limes, cheese and loafs of bread from Tiare Market. We spent less than $150 on food while we were there. That includes the market and the few times we ate out.

I do have pictures of the outside of the Coral Suites but not the inside. I also have a picture of all the food we were able to bring with us. Feel free to PM me and I will send them to you.

I will say that we used AA miles and flew Air Tahiti Nui from LAX to PPT in coach. We were allowed two free bags for our flight to PPT. Air Tahiti Nui no longer allows two free bags in coach. I believe it's about $100 to bring a second bag on that flight.

Below is the video of the Coral Garden Suite I was able to find on the internet.
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