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Here's another good article:

3 TSA workers at Fort Myers airport fired, disciplined

Tuesday, June 5 2012, 06:45 EDT

A short quote, showing how Rep. Mica is using this incident to publicize himself:

But Florida Congressman John Mica has written a letter to TSA administrator demanding more answers.

Rep. John Mica: If necessary we'll subpoena the documents and find out who knew about what, when and why it took a year, a year to take, disciplinary action.

This is just the latest embarrassment for the TSA. Last year, 48 screeners in Honolulu were either fired or suspended for improperly checking bags. In Newark, 10 workers were punished accused of stealing or sleeping on the job. Last week in San Diego, a man fresh out of jail boarded a flight to Los Angeles - without a ticket - before getting caught.

Rep. John Mica: TSA cries out for reform, totally out of control. This nonsense with TSA has to stop.

The TSA made similar mass firings in the past year in cities such as Honolulu and Charlotte, North Carolina.
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