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Originally Posted by Raffles View Post
It could be a genuine error. Lots of people on FT, including me, have had other peoples stays post to their account. I also once had a (cash) booking for someone else show up under My Reservations.

I think it originated as an error by the desk clerk. Key to deciding this if the person using your ID has a similar name. If you walk in and give a name, a lookup on my unusual name shows someone in Arizona with the same name. Confirmation using the address should have been done but the desk clerk probably didn't follow through.

Related to this thread, this week someone I do not know is using my PC account on a stay in Mexico. This is the 4th time this has happened at the same hotel this year. I canceled a legitimate PC reservation this week in Indiana so my PC account would not show a overlapping stay (this is what shows if I am staying in two PC properties at the same time). So far they have not used my cc or my points. I monitor my account pretty closely, since I am above 1 million points. Last year, the first time it happened I called PC and complained and they let me keep the points. I figure as long as I am earning points from these stays (>40,000 YTD), why call again? Should I put a stop to this? I was going to use this week's HIX stay for another $50 GC so I will have to wait for another reservation for this, but that is the only problem I see.

-outoftown, staying in Hampton/Marriott this week
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