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Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post
There is not necessarily a crime; if the potential victim (IHG) is unconcerned then it is not a crime. That points came out of the account can just be a mistake and IHG has rectified it. As the end person, there isn't evidence of a crime, only evidence of points being withdrawn

How can you report a crime if it is not determined that there has been a crime?
I disagree on a couple of points.

1) Crimes (not torts) are generally committed against The People, The State, The Crown, The Commonwealth, etc and not against individuals. As such, whether the potential victim is concerned about the event can be irrelevant. For example, someone who kills a willing (unconcerned) person can still be convicted of murder. Yes, I know that it can be VERY difficult to prosecute some crimes like theft/fraud if the victim is unwilling to make a statement....

2) Although I'm not familiar with local law where the crime may have been committed there are several possible crimes. In California (many moons ago I was a cop in Cali) I'd be looking into Burglary (entering a structure with the intent to comimit theft or any felony), Defrauding an Innkeeper and various other fraud crimes.

3) You can report (what you believe) to be a crime and FROM THEN ON it is up to the police to investigate the incident and file charges or not. Even then, there may not have been a crime committed. In places where the police do not prosecute, the DA (or similar) may determine that there was no crime and yet again, the jury may determine that the act wasn't criminal (or insufficient proof, etc).
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