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Originally Posted by Dave Noble View Post
Are the points the member's or do they remain the property of IHG? Given that, in some cases, PC can close accounts and the member then loses all their points, it would seem to me that PC must own the points and so the member isn't actually the victim but PC may be and it would be up to them to determine whether they view it as theft
That is an interesting question. Mostly, points are earned through personal spend - so there is some sense there that the ownership comes with the member.

I guess however, IHG reserves the right to close accounts/seize points etc that supersedes that for say, in the "interest of the company", or "safety' etc etc. I am sure they can come up with multiple reasons.

This has been an interesting thread to read.

I personally think that the Hotel, PC and the Police have all acted extremely poorly. Regardless if the person staying in the room is innocent for whatever reason, all three failed to take ownership of the problem and be proactive. Poor form.
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