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I'm on a Q fare for DEN-BO'S on Monday. It showed R9 at 96 and nothing happened then at 72 it dropped to R3. I was still in Y, so I called and and asked what was up. The agent kept ranting and raving about how SHARES is the most sophisticated system in the world and how it determined that I am not supposed to be upgraded. I read him what it said about CPU on the website and he said that's not how it works. That it looks at where people live, how likely they are to pay, and what they are wiling to pay and determines who gets an upgrade based on that. He said 90% of his calls are people who ask why they weren't upgraded and then they end up paying over the phone to skip the list and that's how the system is supposed to work. I said that they should not be advertising CPU the way they are if it's not how it works. He said its so complex, they can't put how it really works on the web, but he said its desigend to maximize profit and that it's exactly what it's doing, and that their internal memos show record profits selling upgrades and that a lot of PM UA elites are quite mad, but that they will learn to deal with it. I was
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