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Most of this in on the FAQs of the bidding sites but the effort is heroic. There should be a section of a list of the limitations with great emphasis about checking that everything on the bid is correct, especially dates and zone, and using a screen shot to keep a record. The bidding matrix is explained much more clearly as "permutational bidding" on BFT. It should be noted that if you bid "A" then "AB" you are not able to bid "AC" without including 'B" - unless you logout first and then log in. This removes "B" from every bid that contains "A" and so on. Also, you should have some idea of where to start. Using Hotwire can give you a clue as to an upper limit for that zone and date. Certainly, if you assume ratings are equal, go about 20% below Hotwire. Priceline's Deal Preferences can also give you a good idea of where to start since it lists recent wins - not necessarily the lowest but often they are.
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