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I signed my two lines up with MCI as well and am getting all of the miles promised. I live in Colorado, not one of the nine states apparently elligible for the promo.

This is something I don't think I've seen yet...

when I switched from MCI to Sprint for the original Worldperks 16k mile offer several months back, I switched back to MCI for the 25k mile deal (with Delta), but I asked Sprint to keep my Foncard active.

About two weeks ago, I got a call from Sprint wanting to confirm my Worldperks number. They didn't ask me to switch back, it was just a confirmation call. Why, I don't know. I didn't tell them I had switched to MCI.

So I checked my Worldperks account and sure enough, Sprint is still sending miles to my Worldperks account. I am using the Foncard occasionally, so I suppose it still shows in their records that I'm a customer. The Foncard is free, by the way, so those Worldperk miles are really cheap!


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