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One thing has nothing to do with the other.
If I call MCI to try to straighten out a billing error, there is no excuse for getting rude service from very uninformed
reps. Do you really think they are assuming
I'm pulling a mileage scam and that in return they're going to give me the worst customer service possible? I don't think so! In fact, when I got fed up and cancelled MCI on all my lines, what do you think happened? I was flooded with telemarketing calls and letters offering me 5,000 miles (per line) to switch back.

Here's a case in point of a severe screw up and rude service by MCI. This does not even involve an account that was switched back and forth for miles or any other reason.

I set up my parents with MCI service to get
a special internet, sign up, rate of 9 cents.
I made myself the "contact person." This authorizes me to call MCI and ask questions and make changes to the service. My parents wanted me to do this because they're very old and realize I know more about long distance companies than they do. Well, the first one or two times I called MCI with a question, I gave them my security info and they told me anything I wanted to know. But the next time, I was told that my name was nowhere to be seen on their computers!! The rep said "I refuse to discuss this account with you!" In another instance in which I don't recall the specifics, there was other important info that disappeared from their computers.

The left hand of MCI Worldcom obviously does not know what the right hand is doing. I hardly think that the marketing of miles has anything to do with customer service.

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