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The whole concept of customer service is getting iffy at best.

On the other hand this board is full of people trying to sock-it to the phone companies for all the points they can get, even if it means saying they received an offer that they did not get (perhaps dishonest?).

Then we have those who switch back and forth. This is a great way to gain points and it is very legal. It is encouraged by the phone company, not your current server, but we know that switching back and forth is costing the economy plenty (and perhaps is unethical?) as we promise our business, but we only mean until something else comes along better.

One of the costs of all this is we need to be more aware of our bills. If we treat the phone companies, as we do, why should we be surprised they treat us so poorly. If money were as important as points, perhaps you would have noiced that your bill had increased 25% in January and continued so for the following six months!!! I bet if they failed to give you a five hundred point bonus, you probably would have caught that right away!

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