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AT&T .......s

I have several issues with AT&T. First, they slammed both of my phone lines in the middle of my 25,000 mile/MCI deal-- killing it.

When I demanded that I receive a check for $100 for each line as a result of the illegal switch-- the customer service manager told me I was being "unreasonable".

Unreasonable? That is a legimate offer that they send out to new customers...

Now, I still haven't received Hilton HHonors points and US Airway miles from two previous switches.

Whenever you call-- they give you an "Executive Office" that you leave a message with and they will get back to you by the end of the week.

Never hear back from them... and still no adjustments for past promotions.

What is the best way for someone to avoid the "run around" with AT&T and get credited miles when you are no longer with that long distance carrier?

Can somebody in Congress pass a law that demands that rewards points be credited in a timely basis... ok, maybe I am being a little ridiculous...
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