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Thank you all for all your help… worth’s more than a 1000k miles..

I called MCI as Scott directed me, I was so kind and polite when asking her to change the offer from 10k to 25k…I told the agent that I would love to be treated like a valued MCI customer specially I am putting big $$$ each month…. She put me on hold for a minute and said I would love to give you the 25k miles, but the thing is that I cant locate it anywhere….from where did you hear about it?…did you get something in the mail? Do you have any codes handy?…she asked.

No…Unfortunately no mail…no codes….just heard it from a friend that was offered 25k miles…

"Sorry, the best deal with United is the 10k miles and you are having it now"…she said.

That’s it guys….I think the 25k miles is only for DL,CO,AA…not UA…that’s why she couldn’t find it... the code for the 10k UA miles is ZTNU.

I have accounts almost with all major air lines, but all of them with ZERO activity except for UA&TWA

In the beginning I was dumb (still learning…I was transferring all my miles to Hilton ..but then I realized that I have to save some specially for upgrading..

is it still good idea to get another line and get the 25k miles?…I’ll be leaving the state in few months.

Thank you all again…..what a great group

Good Luck


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