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Originally Posted by warreng24
Hi Shannon, Do you get a refund if you paid for your club membership using miles? Also, 1K's get a 60$ off the annual fee for MileagePlus cards. Can the 60$ off be applied to this new club card as well? Thanks.
Hi warreng24, the question about what happens if you paid miles for your membership stumps me. I will find out and will let you know. Separately, the $60 can be applied to the new Club card, but, each customer is only eligible for one $60 statement credit per year.

Originally Posted by WIRunner
If I change from the ppmc to the new club card will my account number change? I'm lazy and don't want to change up my autopays on the card.
Hi WIRunner, your account number will remain the same, though your expiration date and your CVV (3 digit number) may change. Also, if you have a Presidential Plus Mastercard your card will remain a Mastercard, unless you request a change to Visa.

Originally Posted by Jake Gittes
Are there plans to issue an EMV-chipped version?
Hi Jake Gittes, there is no timing set for an EMV version of the Card. But, we hope to add this in the future.

Originally Posted by ackim82
Does this card mean that you can also get into Star Alliance member lounges around the world, or is it only limited to United Clubs?
Hi ackim82, the Card offers a full membership to the United Club. More details on which clubs you’ll be able to access can be found here.

Originally Posted by halpie97
Is this the only card that allows Premier Members to earn complimentary upgrades on reward travel?
Hi halpie97, the MileagePlus Club Card, Presidential Plus, Explorer and OnePassPlus cards also all offer this benefit.

Originally Posted by ctownflyer
The Presidential Plus card was $100/year for Lifetime PC members.

1. If we switch to the new Club card will we still be able to keep our discounted $100 annual fee?
2. Can lifetime club members apply for the new club card for a $100 annual fee?
Originally Posted by worldwidedreamer
I wonder how much this card will cost us LT UC members. The PPlus Card was a great value at $99.
Hi ctownflyer and worldwidedreamer, these are good questions. Will let you know when we have more details on these.

Originally Posted by uastarflyer
Will secondary cardholder also get a United Club membership card in his/her name or is it only one membership card to the primary cardholder?
Hi uastarflyer, the MileagePlus Club Card offers a full membership to the primary card holder. A spousal membership is available for $150.

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