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Chopped Liver & a Ham Sammy

Originally Posted by bubbashow View Post
Thank you, GYE! Someone else makes BUSINESS sense. I don't know how I'd shake out in the new program, but I know those DESERVING the perks would get them. If there is something left over, I will take it.
Originally Posted by GYEWorldTraveler View Post
Delta engages with many FTers and actively looks to get feedback from its top customers. It's more likely that they will be contacting the DMs that have been getting Porsche rides in ATL than the LUT, MRing or CC earned DM. I can honestly say that I feel that delta does an excellent job reaching out to its highest revenue customers and corporate accounts. I know several colleagues that have been invited to focus groups and have a rep on speed dial. Right now the way the program is set up they (250k miles/yr + $100k+++ spend) are not rewarded anymore than the 125k $5k spend DM. The rumored changes would address this issue. I'm sure the Skymiles program and medallion program will change and reward the highest value customers and from what I've heard I think there will be a new tier added to compete with UA GS but be even better.

People can whine all they want but why wouldn't a business want to reward its most loyal and highest revenue customers? It's no different than a manufacturer giving better pricing to someone who buys 3 million of its product than someone who buys 1,000 of its product. And it's no different than the VIP services given to high spenders at casinos vs the services given to a $5 a hand blackjack players.

I think FTers sometimes forget that DL is a business and fail to see the big picture. I can't really complain if I don't get upgraded when I paid $500 for my ticket on a 737-800 but 10 people bought P fares for $1000 and 2 people used miles and 4 DMs paid more than me. Who should I think doesn't belong in F in that scenario? I can be disappointed I didn't get the UG but how can I really complain? I had the opportunity to buy the FC ticket, I didn't...I had the opportunity to buy a mileage ticket, I didn't....I had the opportunity to buy a higher fare class, I didn't....doesn't really seem like I can have much beef with delta unless they upgraded someone they shouldn't have in front of me.
What is the % of people who spend $100K+ a year on air travel on Delta? Its probably a very small %, but I have no data to base that on. There are plenty of folks, like me, who spend between $10,000 and $15,000 a year on airfare. What does that make us, chopped liver? If DL decides to start treating us like chopped liver and ham sandwiches, then I hope DL doesn't think they could stay in business by only catering to the rich and famous.
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