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Originally Posted by RobOnLI View Post
This used to be the way. It no longer least, it no longer has to be.

Much to my surprise last week my SEA-IAH flight was overbooked and I asked at the counter about volunteering. The agent had a computer print out of three people who had already volunteered at the check-in kiosk I assume. It was a complete print out of their name, seat assignment, destination, etc.

The poster above is generally correct about pmCO. I've never seen them do anything but pencil & paper until now. I'm not sure if this is a trend at the new UA or a one-off.

FWIW the agent who was working w/ the computer list at SEA is an older agent who has been with CO for many years.
That's fascinating! Of course CO has always asked at kiosk check-in and has always had this list available but in the past I have not seen them use it. I wonder what the actual published SOP is now.

I seem to recall that when I had been upgraded to F and a traveling companion had not, and only Y was oversold, the kiosk asked only my companion and NOT me to get onto the electronic VDB list at check-in time.

Originally Posted by trekwars2000 View Post
Do they still bump by status? (I know UA did that more or less)
Pre-merger, my experiences with CO VDBing are only a handful of times at SEA, EWR, and CLE. At those times they took the first passenger to present at the desk regardless of status. (Once it was a little frustrating, when that passenger had jumped me in line after the very same GA had told me "go away, the gate's not open yet". The other times, after I learned my lesson, it was not so frustrating because pax #1 was me. It was just a little exhausting to stand at the gate 1.5+ hours before departure.)
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