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I need something like this. Was awarded academic fellowship to spend 2 months of the summer studying in Brazil.

Originally was going to do some personal traveling (1 month before before) the fellowship began (SCL, EZE, MVD, GRU, GIG, then fellowship in REC, followed by more travel (another month) in LIM, and IPC)

But for $459 a/i, I'm certainly willing to change/rearrange my travel cities / order of travel.

Total trip time would be 120+, departing out of NYC, last week of April - first week or two of May.

Looking on ITA, I can't find anything less than ~$825 R/T, without even trying to do a stopover in LIM.

TACA is even worse, nearly $1100+ !!!

What are the fare rules? Is a 120+ day trip permitted?

Any other restrictions I'm bumping into that is killing $459 for me?


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