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Originally Posted by EXLEFTSEAT View Post
I was booked from LAX to NRT on an old triple 7 ( 2-5-2 )in the coveted seat 21 H, right past the crew rest area with unlimited legroom, happy camper. Because I am paranoid about where I sit, I check my itinerary more than once on a daily basis and find out today that the equipment has changed to a new configuration type triple 7 ( 3-3-3 ). I have been reseated in 30 J, middleseat in E+ last row. Is there a computer who reassigns seats without rhyme or reason? My profile obviously states aisle seat preferred. There were plenty of aisle seats left, I reseated myself and picked an aisle seat, but every time I open the seatmap I've been put back in my middleseat
As much as I love 21H on the old configuration, I stopped selecting it once the new configs started appearing in decent numbers. For the past year, I picked a seat that existed and was decent in both configs.
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