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Originally Posted by longhorn11 View Post
Also if you could post how quickly you were able to freeze your Experian. I've read that some can do it online and others have to mail things in. Thanks!
the process is all online for EX - freezing, getting temporary single use pins for creditors to poke in past the freeze, and permanent unfreeze all worked instantly for me.

Originally Posted by cbn42 View Post
If I were the bank, I would wonder why you froze one and not the others. If you have been the victim of identity theft, you should have frozen all three.
in my case i was originally interested because at&t pulled my credit (twice) when i opened a uverse internet account without asking or notifying and that ticked me off.

so here is my report - i went 6/7 so far with the apps, but only 1 instant approval. the last one is still pending and not necessarily declined but didn't sound great.

it seems that Chase shows a little flexibility (they approved my app even with my freeze in place and without a temporary pin) - i believe they used EQ instead of EX when they did it manually during my follow up phone call. Barclays used TU. Amex insisted on EX but the temporary pin worked for them. BofA insisted on EX and informed me they don't do the temporary pin for credit report access thing. Citi (biz) required EX and couldn't make the pin thing work so i did end up entirely unfreezing, which then made BofA go through also.

end result - the freeze made it more drawn out than it needed to be and most creditors wouldn't budge from the report they wanted. using the temporary pin thing would be better facilitated by applying over the phone initially in order to provide the pin to the agent and avoid initial declines and extra phone calls. Chase seemed to just move over to EQ that was available though. it was worth the lesson for me.

i'll verify all of this next time i get my reports.
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