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Question to freeze or not to freeze before apps

I have 14 inquiries on my EX report (far fewer on EQ and TU) and am gearing up to apply for 5 or 6 cards soon. My question is should I put a freeze on my EX report, in an attempt to divert inquiries to EQ or TU?

I assume there are 3 possible outcomes of each app with a bank that normally uses EX in California if I put the freeze on:
a) Lender just decides to use EQ or TU
b) Lender says we can't process your app - give us a pin to see your EX report or no card (which I would then provide)
c) Lender straight rejects due to lack of access to EX

I imagine most fall into the b) bucket, which is effectively the same as not having a freeze right? But if ANY lender happens to go with option a) then it seems to makes sense to freeze, no?
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