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Canceled my card

I just called to cancel my OnePass Plus and I was informed that the conversion from OnePass to MP Explorer will happen on March 2.

A little about my situation: I signed up for the OnePass Plus 3/11. Signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred in 1/12. Today I called to cancel my OnePass to preserve the option of getting the MileagePlus Explorer's acquisition bonus down the road.

The guy told me that the OnePass plus will be essentially recoded in the system as a United Mileage Plus card and that I may not be eligible for the acquisition bonus if I apply after March 2nd.

That doesn't seem right to me because I have seen language that says anyone that signed up for OnePass after 7/19 is not eligible for the MP Explorer bonus. Because I acquired the OnePass Plus before 7/19, I think I should be eligible for the Mileage Plus acquisition bonus down the road if I choose to apply. The guy recommended me to sign up for Mileage Plus now before 3/2, but I don't really want it now.

What do you guys think?
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