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Originally Posted by Boggie Dog View Post
Why should ID's be scanned and people with questionable ID's be refered to police?

If these people are screened properly what threat do they present?
part of being "screened" is being run against no-fly/selectee and a few other databases. Without proper ID, theres no way to do that. Actually, id say watchlist matching is probably the MOST important part of screening. it keeps the REALLY bad guys off planes.

Even if everyones screened to the same level, someone hell bent on destroying everyone else is going to fasten a weapon out of something. you cant prohibit everything.

As for ID's being scanned, for 1 it would be quicker than that magnifying glass nonsense. For 2, its a better way to determine its real (which is important. Watchlist matching only works if the person matched against the watchlist is actually who they say they are. veryifying they are who they say they are, is the only way to do this)
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