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To correct an earlier post, the Chase Ink Bold is either VISA or MC. It might be random. I like having one MC, sometimes they do something nice for you.

I have had a number of small companies with 2 to 5 employees and 550 to 800K in sales over the last 25 years and have only had a Buisness card this year. I also have routinely commingled buisness and personal expenses on several cards which is an issue for the bookie and I am sure causes a few things to get lost. Using only one card and have some personal and some company charges isn't a problem, you just have to go through and tag them. Because my CPA and my bookie will not deduct an expense without a receipt I have to turn in receipts anyway and that keeps track of it.

This year I got the Ink Bold just for the 50K bonus, but because of the 5X points on phones, Internet, office supplies, etc. I think it has value beyond the personal cards and for me it is by far the best deal out there. My total phone and Internet alone is about $600/month x 5 = 3K points x 12 = 36K points a year right there. I can't get that with any of my 12 personal cards.
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