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Originally Posted by cordelli View Post
I think the only diamond challenges are offered to diamonds who did not achieve their status and they are giving them an easy way to get back. As a gold, unless your diamond status just expired, I don't think they will offer one.

The last time I remember seeing one it was seven stays or fifteen nights in 90 days from the date you registered.

Status earned through a challenge is usually only good through that calendar year, not the following year like status earned the regular way.

Of course, if you call and ask for a challenge you may get somebody who offers you something totally different, or they may say sorry.
I received a Diamond challenge (not requested) last May and the T&C's were exactly as described above. I was a Gold at the time and it was my third year at that level with HH so I did not have any real reason to be targeted as I am not a big spender either (maybe it was their way to pry more out of me). It did encourage me to do the 28 stays to keep it thru 2013.
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