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Originally Posted by DYKWIA View Post
Just got back from a few days DXB - which would have been great except we both had man flu (me) - cold (her), so it wasn't as memorable as in the past.

Anyhow, I watched and watched my in-box for the highly anticipated upgrade offer... only to be disappointed. The flight out looked perfect, rammed down the back, with a few seats up front (the other 2 flights were completely full).

When we got back home, the missus mentions she got an upgrade offer from Emirates. I asked her when, and she says 'Friday' - 2 days before our flight back. Once she'd got out of hospital (she deserved it for not telling me), she showed me the email, and it was an offer for AED1699 Y-J DXB-MAN.

As it happens, I would have been very annoyed, as the flight was switched the old cradle seats.

So, the question is, how come she got the offer and I didn't? What criteria do they use, or do they just send it one person on each PNR? I'd made the booking.


you and me both!
I had flu all over Christmas, stayed in bed with a fever, felt very sorry for meself!

Flights back to LGW 1st week of Jan. were full for a week, I tried to change or upgrade every day, even tried pulling strings at EK HO, but no luck, it was rammed.
I ended up doing the unthinkable and getting an 8.20am EK15, but it was a nice surprise, although the 777 was parked in the back end of beyond, (Gate 136, first time in years I have been bussed to the plane) it was brand new equipment, everything worked well, seemed to have an all American flight crew too, (seems to be more and more of them on EK these days)
and I enjoyed the arabic breakfast for a change, really wasn't a bad trip despite it being 100% full load!

I haven't had an upgrade email for years now, but will try the code next time!
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