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Upgrade emails offers FAQ

Note - this 'feature' is now not available. EK have changed the way they send out upgrade emails.

Just got back from a few days DXB - which would have been great except we both had man flu (me) - cold (her), so it wasn't as memorable as in the past.

Anyhow, I watched and watched my in-box for the highly anticipated upgrade offer... only to be disappointed. The flight out looked perfect, rammed down the back, with a few seats up front (the other 2 flights were completely full).

When we got back home, the missus mentions she got an upgrade offer from Emirates. I asked her when, and she says 'Friday' - 2 days before our flight back. Once she'd got out of hospital (she deserved it for not telling me), she showed me the email, and it was an offer for AED1699 Y-J DXB-MAN.

As it happens, I would have been very annoyed, as the flight was switched the old cradle seats.

So, the question is, how come she got the offer and I didn't? What criteria do they use, or do they just send it one person on each PNR? I'd made the booking.


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